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Legendary Basset Hounds current contact list.Update 4/12/2024-  If you are interested in one of our puppies  and would like to send a deposit to receive our puppy application to be placed on our waiting list please contact us by phone at (607)435-3558. call or text.

Please note that our contact list spots do not always mean there will be no available puppies from a litter. Please check back after puppies are born. If their are any available puppies we will post them on our puppy page! Anyone on our current contact list should check with us from time to time to insure us you are still interested in a puppy from a current or future litter. Please remember if you choose to take a puppy from someone else that is your choice. If we have received a puppy deposit and you have been moved to the waiting list deposits are non-refundable. Anyone on our contact list who has not responded to our emails or phone calls will be removed from our list. 

We reserve the right as the breeder to always have First pick of any puppy. It does not always mean we will pick a puppy but we will hold a spot. Please note that waiting list spots could change if someone chooses to not take a puppy from a upcoming or current litter.


Waiting lists spots confirmed in order for puppy picks . Spots are available until deposits and applications have been verified. 

Every puppy will leave for their new homes with the following:

 1.First set of vaccinations
 2.Second set of vaccinations
 3.Proper warmings
 4. Micro chipped
 5. A bag of puppy food that puppies are currently eating
 6. Health check from our vet
 7. Proof of all vet records
 8​. Care info for your basset
 9. A gift basket filled with puppy toys, blanket, chewie's and puppy treats and pre-spoiled of course!!!  



Health/Genetic Tests  Performed on all of our adult dogs and puppies.

  • Lafora Disease - DNA Test

  • Thrombopathia (Basset Hound) - DNA Test

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis I (MPS I) - DNA Test

  • Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (Basset Hound) (POAG) - DNA Test

  • Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease, X-Linked (Basset Hound Type)




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