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 In loving memory of our precious boy Frankie. Our hearts are forever broken over the loss of Frankie. Frankie was such a good boy with the most gentle personality. Frankie never sired any litters. We retired

Frankie before his career ever took off. We just never had a lady that was suitable to breed Frankie to. 

So we made the decision to neuter him. 

We thought Frankie would just enjoy his days relaxing and being loved. But heaven needed another angel and Frankie filled that spot. He fought for so long to stay with his mom and dad until he was no longer able to fight. Frankie will never be forgotten he left paw prints on our hearts forever.


Mom and Dad love you Frankie 

 In loving memory of our precious boy Frankie who has left us to go to the rainbow bridge.

7-3-2015 / 2-21-2021

  This handsome fellow is our boy 

Legendary Frankie Angelo!

Our Frankie is the sweetest bassets. He is so friendly and mellow Frankie loves everyone! Frankie came from a wonderful breeder we are so thankful to have his line. Frankie's parents where imported from Czech Republic.

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